IARP-IALCP Journal of Life Care Planning, Vol. 10, No. 1
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A Tribute to Cheryl “Sheri” Jasper
Roger O. Weed

Tributes to Sheri

Sherry A. Latham  
Terry Schramm
William R. Goodrich
Susan Riddick-Grisham
Julie A. Kitchen
Karen Luckett

Eulogy of Cheryl “Sheri” Jasper
Paul M. Deutsch

Eulogy of Sheri Jasper
Terry Winkler

A Dialogue with Sheri Jasper (reprinted)
Debbie Berens

A Tribute to Tyron Elliott, Esq.
Judy L. LaBuda  
Ann T. Neulicht
Roger O. Weed

A Dialogue with Tyron Elliott, Esq. (reprinted)
Debbie Berens

A Survey of Speech-language Pathologists: Long-term Speech Therapy Needs for Patients within Three Neurological Conditions
Kara J. Ayala
Irmo Marini 
Karen Luckett 
E. Lisette Blanco 

Ethics Interface
Nancy Mitchell 
Mary Barros-Bailey

Debbie Berens