IARP-IALCP Journal of Life Care Planning, Vol. 10, No. 2
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(1) Editorial: Is It Hot Enough for You?
Debbie Berens

(3) Evaluation of Life Care Plans Developed by A Private Rehabilitation Consulting Agency for Victims of Abuse Utilizing the IALCP Standards of Practice as a Base
Zarahi Nunez
Darlene M. Carruthers
(15) Book Review
Carolyn Wiles Higdon

(21) Ethics Interface
Nancy Mitchell
Mary Barros-Bailey

(25) BRONSON'S INC and TRAVELERS, Appellants, v.ROBERT MANN, Appellee.
Debbie Berens

(31) SUMMARY: Bronson’s, Inc. & Travelers v. Robert Mann, 2011
Gerri Pennachio

(33) Comment on Bronson’s Inc. & Travelers v. Robert Mann
Timothy F. Field

(35) Life Care Planning Canadian Summit 2011
Cloie Johnson

(37) Announcements
Debbie Berens