IARP-IALCP Journal of Life Care Planning, VOL. 10, NO. 4
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(1) Editorial: Changing of the Guard
Irmo Marini

(4) Life Care Plan Implementation Among Adults with Spinal Cord Injuries
Tanya Rutherford-Owen and Irmo Marini

(21) Working and Care-giving:The Impact on Caregiver Stress,Family-Work Conflict, and Burnout
Karen R. McDaniel and David G. Allen

(33) Adult Care and Spinal Cord Injury: Usage Patterns and Perspectives for Those with Life Care Plans
Tanya Rutherford-Owen and Irmo Marini

(45) Practical Matters Possibilityversus Probability
Irmo Marini

(49) Ethics Interface
Nancy Mitchell

(53) Book Review
Valerie J. Rodriguez

(55) Announcements
Tim Field

(57) Index
Tim Field