IARP-IALCP Journal of Life Care Planning VOL. 12 NO. 1
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(1) Editorial
Wm. R. Goodrich 

(3) Estimating Life Expectancy: A Physiatric Perspective
Bill Rosen
Reg Gibbs
Ashley Crtalic

(15) Life Expectancy Projections Supporting Life Care Planning
Richard Paul Bonfiglio 
Dakota Kasa

(21) Life Expectancy and The Life Care Planner
Robert Shavelle
David Strauss 

(31) Life Expectancy for Life Care Planners
Scott Kush
Steven Day
Robert Reynolds

(51) Utilizing Research to Determine Life Expectancy: Applications for Life Care Planning
James Krause 
Lee Saunders 

(61) Ethical Risks of Understanding Life Expectancy in Life Care Planning Practice
Christine Reid 

(75) Ethics Interface
Nancy Mitchell

(81) Book Review
Irmo Marini