IARP-IALCP Journal of Life Care Planning VOL. 13 NO. 1
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(1) A New Beginning

Patricia A. Costantini

(3) A New Look

Dianne Simmons Grab

(5) Thoughts from the New Journal of Life Care Planning Editor As Presented Through an Interview
Patricia A. Costantini and Dianne Simmons Grab

(7) Introduction of the New Editorial Board

(17) 2015 International Symposium on Life Care Planning: Change, Challenge, Opportunity

(19) What is the Life Care Planning Summit; and Why Should You Attend the 2105 Summit? 

Cloie Johnson and Jamie Gamez

(23) LCP Practice Musings

Robert H. Taylor

(25) The Medical Equipment Corner

Paul Amsterdam 

(27) The Canadian Circle and Beyond

Dana Weldon

(29) Therapeutic Swimming as a Community Based Program

Corinne Slade and Dianne Simmons Grab

(33) Ethics Interface

Nancy Mitchell