IARP-IALCP Journal of Life Care Planning VOL. 13 NO. 3
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(1) Editor’s Message
Dianne Simmons Grab

(3) The Collateral Source Rule and the Affordable Care Act: Implications for Life Care Planning and Economic Damages
Timothy Field, Cloie B. Johnson, Anthony J. Choppa, John D. Fountaine

(17) An Attorney Perspective on Standards of Practice: A Weapon or A Shield?
Nathaniel Fick, Karen Preston

(21) Revision Process for the Standards of Practice for Life Care Planners
Karen Preston, Christine Reid

(31) Standards of Practice for Life Care Planners 3rd edition

(37) Life Care Planning for Burn Injuries
Tanya Rutherford Owen, Melissa Jones Wilkins, Brandy Kilpatrick, Teresia M. Paul

(45) Life Care Planning and Acquired Brain Injury: Determining Needs and Costs at the Dawn of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
Harvey E. Jacobs

(49) The Medical Equipment Corner
Paul Amsterdam

(51) The Canadian Circle and Beyond
Dana M. Weldon

(65) Ethics Interface
Nancy Mitchell

(71) Samples for Success: Life Care Plans from Practicing Life Care Planners, First Edition
Victoria Powell

(72) 2015 International Symposium on Life Care Planning Agenda

(74) CEU Application form