IARP-IALCP Journal of Life Care Planning VOL. 13 NO. 4
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(1) Editor’s Message
Dianne Simmons Grab 

(3) Long-Term Outcomes of Pediatric-Onset Spinal Cord Injuries: Implications for Life Care Planning
Lawrence Vogel

Kathy Zebracki

(11) Critical Elements of Home Health Service Provision for Life Care Planners
Tanya Rutherford Owen
Melissa Jones Wilkins
Brandy Kilpatrick

(21) Insights into the International Association of Life Care Planning Fellow Program: Question and Answers from Program Developers
Michael Shahnasarian

(27) 2015 Life Care Planning Summit: Moving Forward and Looking Ahead
Cloie B. Johnson

(35) Consensus and Majority Statements Derived from Life Care Planning Summits Held in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015
Cloie B. Johnson

(39) 2015 International Symposium of Life Care Planning (ISLCP)
Debra E. Berens

(43) Congratulations 2015 Life Care Planning Award Recipients

(47) Prologue - The Collateral Source Rule and the ACA: Implications for Life Care Planning
Cloie B. Johnson
Timothy F. Field
Anthony J. Choppa

(51) LCP Practice Musings
Robert H. Taylor

(53) The Canadian Circle and Beyond
Dana M. Weldon

(55) Ethics Interface
Nancy Mitchell

(60) CEU Information