Journal of Life Care Planning Vol. 15 No. 1
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(1) Interim Editor’s Message
Tanya Rutherford Owen

(3) Complexities of Surgery Pricing and Implications for Life Care Planners 
Laura Woodard, Elizabeth Kattman, Stella Spencer

(9) Assistive Technology in the Life Care Plan Chrissy Whiting, Madison
Sandra Bullins, Melissa Jones Wilkins

(13) Management of Hearing Loss in Adults: An Overview and Implications for Life Care Planning
Rachel Glade Amy Hunter

(21) 2017 IARP/ISLCP Round-Table Summaries
Carla Seyler

(25) Exploring Special Needs Adoptions and the Applicability of Life Care Plans
Vicky Buckles, Jamie Pomeranz

(35) In Memoriam, Sarah A. Moore
Tanya Rutherford Owen

(37) Ethics Interface
Nancy Mitchell

(41) Why Should You Attend the 2017 Life Care Planning Summit
Jamie Gamez, Cloie Johnson