Journal of Life Care Planning Vol. 15 No. 2
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(1) Editor’s Message
Tanya Rutherford Owen

(3) 2017 Life Care Planning Summit Proceedings at a Glance 
Jamie N. Gamez

(5) 2017 IALCP Election Results

(7) Cultural Experiences and International Practices of Life Care Planners: Results of an Exploratory Research Study
Mary Barros-Bailey

(13) Eliciting Rehabilitation Recommendations During Forensic Life Care Plan Consultations
Michael Shahnasarian

(21) The Opioid Epidemic and Its Effect on Life Care Planning
Melissa Jones Wilkins, Amanda Connell and Sandra Bullins

(27) The Inclusion of Cannabinoids and Medicinal Marijuana as a Treatment Option for Individuals with Disabilities in Life Care Plans 
Stephanie L. Lusk and Tanya Rutherford Owen

(35) Life Care Planning in a Country with For-Profit Medicine
Rigel M. Pinon and Irmo Marini

(39) Trauma and Stress Related Disorders: Relevance to DSM-5 and Life Care Planning
Melissa Jones Wilkins, Tanya Owen and Brandy Kilpatrick

(49) Ethics Interface
Nancy Mitchell