Journal of Life Care Planning Vol. 4 No. 4
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Contents Include: 

Technologies' Impact on Life Care Planning: A Pilot Study of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Paul M. Deutsch Ph.D., CRC, CCM, CLCP, FIALCP, LMHC

Sherie L. Kendall, Ph.D.

Frederick Raffa, Ph.D.

Carrie Daninhirsch, M.A.

Sara Cimino-Ferguson, M.H.S., CRC, CLCP

Empirical Validation of Medical Equipment Replacement Values in Life Care Plans

Irmo Marini, Ph.D., CRC, CLCP, FVE

Dana Harper, MS

A Dialogue with...

Sharon Reavis, RN, CRC, CCM, NCC, FIALCP

Life Care Planning Issues for Adult Swallowing Disorders Carolyn Wiles Higdon, Ph.D., CCC-Speech-Language Pathologist, F-ASHA

Casey Engebretsen, B.A.

Bilirubin Encephalopathy/Kernicterus and The Newborn Infant: Implications for Life Care Planning

Laura Deming, MS, RN, CS, PNP, CCM, CLCP