Journal of Life Care Planning Vol. 5 No.1 & 2
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Contents Include:

Editorial: "Lead On..."

Consensus Among Life Care Planners Regarding Activities to Consider When Recommending Personal Attendant Care Services for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury: A Delphi Study

Jamie Pomeranz, Ph.D.

Linda R. Shaw, Ph.D.

Horace W. Sawyer, Ph.D.

Craig A. Velozo, Ph.D.

A Dialogue with...

Rick Bonfiglio, MD

Book Reviews

Long, C.J., & Sbordone, R.G. (Eds.). (1996). Ecological validity of neuropsychological testing. 

Ann T. Neulicht, PhD, CLCP, CRC, CVE, CDMS, ABVE-D, LPC

The Daubert Series: Choppa, A., Field, T., & Johnson, C. (2006). The Daubert challenge: From case referral to trial. 

Rodney Isom, Ph.D., CRC, CDMS

Field, T., Johnson, C., Schmidt, R., & Van de Bittner, E. (2006). Methods and protocols: Meeting the criteria of general acceptance and peer review under Daubert and Kumho. 

Rodney Isom, Ph.D., CRC, CDMS

Field, T., & Choppa, A. (2005). Admissible testimony: A content analysis of selected cases involving vocational experts with a revised clinical model for developing opinion. 

Rodney Isom, Ph.D., CRC, CDMS

Weed, R. & Johnson, C. (2006). Life care planning: In light of Daubert and Kumho. 

Rodney Isom, Ph.D., CRC, CDMS