Journal of Life Care Planning Vol. 5 No.4
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Contents Include: 

Editorial: Communication is Key

The Physical and Psychosocial Health Status of Clients with Spinal Cord Injury Awarded Damages in Litigation

Irmo Marini, PhD

Eva Miller, Ph.D

Home Assessment in Life Care Planning

Jim Karl, BS, GC, CEAC, CAPS


Life Care Planning Tools, Websites, and Resources: Summary of Relevant Presentations at the 2006 International Conference on Life Care Planning

JoAnne McDaniel, RN, CCM, CLCP, LNCC, C.E.A.C., MSCC

A Dialogue with...

Sherie Kendall, PhD, Assistant Professor, Division of Nursing/Science, Midway College, Midway, KY, and Director of Research for the Foundation of Life Care Planning Research

Ethics Interface

Nancy Mitchell, MA, OTR/L, ATP, CLCP, FIALCP

I am a life care planner new to the field. I was retained by a defense attorney to review a case and possibly prepare a life care plan. In an unrelated social situation, I was introduced to the plaintiff attorney on the same case. Conversationally, I mentioned to the attorney that I believed that he and I were on opposing sides of a case. When I reported the conversation to the attorney who retained me, she was furious. What did I do wrong and why? Who is it okay to talk to and who is off limits?