Journal of Life Care Planning Vol. 7 No.3
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Contents Include: 

Editorial: The New Year Awaits

Debra Berens 

The Transgender Life Care Plan: A Case Report

Mary Barros-Bailey, Jodi L. Saunders

Recipient of the Life Care Planning Lifetime Achievement Award

Julie A. Kitchen

The Applicability of the Life Care Plan for Adopted Children with Disabilities: What Will Medicaid Pay?

Vicky P. Buckles, Jamie Pomeranz, Mary Ellen Young 

Annual Student Paper Award

Vicky P. Buckles 

Who is the Client in Forensics?

Mary Barros-Bailey, Jeffrey Carlisle, Michael Graham, Ann T. Neulicht, Robert Taylor, Ann Wallace

Recipient of the Patricia McCollom Research Award

Dr. James Krause 

James McMillan, Claimant - against- The City of New York

Legal Case 

Summary: McMillan v. City of New York

Sharon Reavis 

A Comment: McMillan v. City of New York

Susan U. Sheerin