Journal of Life Care Planning Vol. 7 No. 4
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Contents Include: 

Editorial: Expanding the Knowledge Base for the Life Care Planner 

Bereavement and Mortality: A Methodology for Assessing Capacity and Functioning Following the Loss of a Spouse
Timothy E. Field 
Anthony J. Choppa 
Cloie B. Johnson 
Kent A. Jayne 
John D. Fountaine
Anna-Marie Smith

Discounting the Cost of Future Care for Persons with Disabilities
Davvid Strauss 
Robert Shavelle
Christopher Pflaum
Christopher Bruce

Life Expectancies for Person With Medical Risks 
Frank Slesnick 
Robert Thornton 

Ethics Interface
I am a life care planner frequently working for the opposing side of a local life care planner who, in my opinion, does extremely poor work. She is a certified life care planner but her reports do not reflect the basic tenets I was taught when I was trained. I do not know if the work is a result of incompetence or if it reflects an intention to inflate costs to satisfy the attorneys who retain her. At what point should another life care planner report a peer who does poor quality work?

Nancy Mitchell