The Rehabilitation Professional: Volume 9
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Volume 9 Number 1


Dissemination and Utilization of Disability Information for Rehabilitation Professionals Through Academic, Scientific and Professional Journals/Books
Martin Brodwin, Elizabeth Cardoso

Volume 9 Number 2


Low Vision Rehabilitation
Richard Windsor, Laura Windsor

Volume 9 Number 3


The Interplay of Myth and Reality in the Rehabilitation of Workers' Compensation Claimants
Elsbeth Calvo

Characteristics of SSDI/SSI Beneficiaries as Rehabilitation Clients
Irmo Marini

A Comparison of Rehabilitation Counseling Programs in Australia and the United States
Joseph Havranek

Volume 9 Number 4


Women Professionals in Rehabilitation
Alo Dutta, Chrisann Schiro-Geist, Madan Kundu, Emer Broadbent

Consumer Satisfaction with Services Provided by the Kentucky Department of the Blind
Ralph Crystal, Malachy Bishop